The Concept

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India's First Junior Startup Carnival will be held in different parts of the country zone wise - East – West - South - North - Central

Opportunity where young startups can directly meet with the Investors and present their Ideas / Innovation.

Each zone will have two days of Carnival where young startups will display their ideas/business to the visiting investors of that region.

Local food/music/culture will be part of the event to add color in the carnival.

Entire ground event will be shot and converted into episodes as elimination round for the main show.

Top 15 will finally get the chance to pitch their Innovation in front of the Horses for Grant Competition.

Top 3 from each zone will get a chance to participate in the final round which will be held in Mumbai / Chandigarh for the grand prize money.

5 Episodes will be based from the Carnival as elimination and final 15 teams will have 4 Episodes. Carnival Look & Feel

Carnival Look & Feel

Selection Process

  • Apply On Website

  • Curation Metrics

  • Audition

  • Carnival

  • Studio Shoot



USP of the innovation/idea

Reason behind germination of the innovation/idea.

Is there a market gap / better solution to the existing market?

Does it requires customer education / Adaptability of the idea in present market conditions.

Does it promotes the Make in India concept?

Region of the Start-up? / backward / urban/rural?

Idea precedence, national and international?



Promoter & Team

Age Profile of the Founder & Team members

Age of the startup

Only Founder or with/without Team with team size

Core Team Responsibilities

Time requirement of founder in startup and is founder able to contribute that time

without hampering his other activities

Past Achievements if any

Existing Mentors & their profile

Does it promote Make In India concept


Region of Startup, Urban/Rural

Any sentimental considerations

Innovation Involved


Direct Competitors


Any Grants till date

Fund Utilisation


USP of the idea

Revenue Oriented

Market Adaptability

Does it solves existing problems

Clarity on why

Existing threats, potentials

backlashes if any

Long Term Vision

Timing & Why now

Global Market Space & Scope


Big Players

Potential Threats &

Addressing them


Competitor growth & Landscape

associated partners